The Soviet Republic of Vermont; State will offer healthcare for all by 2017.

Where are Beck, Oreilly, and Hannity when you need them? How could they let this happen?

The Soviet Republic of Vermont. Copyright GrateBoard 2014

The Soviet Republic of Vermont. Copyright GrateBoard 2014

Where is Sarah Palin who saw the Soviets coming over the frigid Alaskan freeway but failed to warn the Union. Where is a modern day Paul Revere? Senator McCarthy would be turning over in his grave if he saw this happening, and his reincarnation, Senator Ted Cruz, fresh from his hasty retreat from the Soviet Republic of Canada, would have warned us but probably could not pronounce the name of the capital city much less find the tiny State on the map.

Vermont is the first State to launch the Single Payer System by 2017, the earliest it can do so under the current ACA law. Its slogan “ Everybody in, Nobody out” says it all.
It is not a free system, but by legally eliminating the (Atlas) Shruggs, ‘for profit companies that gouge healthcare recipients and drain Medicare’, it promises to dramatically reduce costs.

Thanks to the Vermont Congress of People’s Deputies, and Comrade Peter Shumlin’s politburo, life will become quite dull without the deceit, malarkey, and greed driven healthcare system’s ubiquitous and comedic vocabulary.

Gone will be multilevel premiums, this plan-that plan, multiple Co-pays, deductible, out of pocket, in network-out of network, and open-enrollment that closes down before you can drag your already abused sorry derriere to the enroller’s office. No more being forced to hug the big snake called Cobra when you lose your job, which should be named the boa constrictor as it squeezes you and your family’s savings out of your existence. No more games when you go in to seek medical help, never knowing the cost of your treatments, subject in large part to Coding hell, until the collection company calls and tells you they will tack on collection fees to the still indeterminable final cost of your surgery.

The Soviet Republic of Vermont is the graveyard of free wheeling capitalist thinking. This is where Ayn Rand, the high priestess of ‘ take no prisoners big business, screw the worker’, capitalist thinking would have strangled her dog before committing suicide.

This is the republic, that was the first State to abolish slavery, where Atlas would have shrugged off any feelings for mankind “just because in your mind you think we share an uncomfortable bond as humans, does not mean your problem is my problem”.

In 2009 this quintessential rogue State was the first to pass the same-sex marriage law. Other firsts; First to join the Union after the 13 original colonies, first to enact voting rights, first in support for public schools.

Good luck and beware, Vermont! Big business is watching you.

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